Bravo Sports Group is a dynamic organization whose vision is to inspire individuals of all ages to experience the adrenaline inherent in action sports and discover their personal passions.  We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts who have a passion for producing and delivering the types of products that consumers love.  Located in Southern California, everything we do reflects our love of the active California lifestyle. Today we are comprised of three operating companies, Bravo Sports, Highline Industries and Dwindle Distribution. We are excited to have you as part of our family!

Bravo Sports manufactures a range of products including Skateboards, Scooters, Ride-Ons, Roller Skates and Protective Wear. We own and operate a number of well-known brands such as Kryptonics and Pulse Performance Products, and also partner with world class companies such as Disney, Universal and Nickelodeon to deliver branded products appealing to younger kids. Most of our products are sold and distributed in Mass Retailers and Major Sporting Goods Outlets. For more information, please visit www.bravosportscorp.com

Highline Industries is a manufacturer of higher-end Skateboards and Helmets. This business has established a large, loyal following as it offers well-known and well-regarded brands such as Sector 9, Protec, Nutcase and 661. Highline has an expansive distribution and dealer network, with product being sold in specialty retail outlets ranging from independent surf, skate and bike shops to national retailers including Zumiez. For more information, please visit www.sector9.com, www.protecbrand.com, www.nutcasehelmets.com and www.sixsixone.com.

Emerging from the business begun by American skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Steve Rocco in 1987, Dwindle Distribution has produced some of skateboarding’s most iconic brands and products. Dwindle has facilitated the careers of hundreds of Pro skateboarders, kickstarted and inspired other related companies and generally revolutionized the skateboarding industry. Based in El Segundo, California and acquired by Bravo Corp in 2019, Dwindle has remained a successful company whose decisions are made by people with a lifelong history and dedication to skateboarding. Dwindle’s brands Include: Almost Skateboards, Blind Skateboards, enjoi Skateboards, Darkstar Skateboards, Dusters Skateboards, Madness SkateboardsTensor Trucks and Andale Bearingsand can be found at specialty skate stores around the world.